Christmas Dress!

Well, I guess this a product of somewhat lazy sewing/inexperience. I’ve still worn the outcome, but in the future, I would like to do better.

My new friend Guadalupe and I...

My new friend Guadalupe and I…

I made both dresses, but this post is about the Victory Pattern’s Nicola Dress on the right. I made my first attempt at grading out, but it was mediocre. In the bodice, I tried to just use the extra seam allowance and used a 2/8 seam allowance at the bust line, and then graded down to the included 5/8 seam allowance in the waist. I also used a 2/8 seam allowance at the shoulders. Not knowing much, I didn’t realized that this would affect the other pattern pieces. As a result, the facing was short, and the bodice didn’t meet the skirt in the right way.

I made a muslin first, but still couldn’t figure out how to fix some major fit issues. It definitely looks a little sloppy when you look closely. oh well! Live and learn.

photo 2(2)

I am fond of this fabric, however. It’s a laser printed Rayon from Stonemountain and Daughters. woo!

And on the bright side, I got some amazing fabric store gift cards, and this dope ass, pin-able dress form. Whatwhat!

Take off!

Weeeeellll, here we have it, I’m actually going to sit down and hack out my very. first. sewing blog. post!!

this is my first ever make.

photo 2(1)

It’s Mccall’s M5512.

I don’t have much to say about construction as I don’t know much about construction. But. Here’s another picture for you!

photo 1(1)

And one more. I was warned to stay away from zippers for my first pattern. So I did. Check out the keyhole neckline, crooked, but sweet.

photo 4

Also, don’t look too closely, or you’ll notice that the print is upside down on the 2/3 of the dress panels haha

When I make this again, I’ll interface the collar. I don’t think it’ll stand up to much wear. I’ve already tried to make the long sleeve version, but I think I cut out the wrong size or something, because it’s huge. And hideously unflattering. When I feel like looking at it again, I’ll solve that problem.

Anyways, off to a running start here. I have a few more makes under my belt, that I’ll try and post here soon. Can’t wait to continue this adventure!